Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Science News

Students have selected their planet to research and may need some assistance at home completing this assignment. Miss Felton will also be assigning a 3D model to be completed at home of selected planet. I shared examples from past years and gave several ideas for how to accomplish this project.

Spelling Unit 7

Vowel + /r/ sounds

1. glory
2. adore
3. aboard
4. bore
5. warn
6. torch
7. soar
8. absorb
9. perform
10. former
11. aware
12. dairy
13. vary
14. barely
15. beware
16. stairway
17. carton
18. pardon
19. barge
20. armor

Review Words
21. board
22. repair
23. sharp
24. square
25. compare

26. discard
27. forfeit
28. orchestra
29. gracious
30. hoard

(This word order will be random if compared to students' lists.)

Social Studies Test

Miss Felton's class will be taking the Ch. 1 Social Studies test this Tuesday, October 12th.
Mrs. Anseth's class has postponed the test until Thursday, October 14th due to Miss Felton being gone and some changes in the exchange of students. Yeah! Two more days to study!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

2010-2011 Literature Novels

Our classroom will be reading the following novels this year in class:

"American Tall Tales" by Adrien Stoutenburg
"Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen
"In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson" by Bette Bao Lord
"Julie of the Wolves" by Jean Craighead George

Students will also be reading novels to fit the various genres in our 40 Book Challenge.
Weekly homework for reading is for students to read for 120 minutes and summarize their nightly reading.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Unit 5 Spelling Word List

1. ounce
2. scowl
3. pounce
4. coward
5. announce
6. sprawl
7. launch
8. falter
9. haunt
10. naughty
11. saucer
12. August
13. auction
14. awkward
15. loyal
16. avoid
17. moist
18. destroy
19. poison
20. royal
21. cause
22. faucet
23. tower
24. false
25. amount
26. poise
27. loiter
28. exhaust
29. assault
30. alternate

Mrs Fred

Mrs. Fred will be guest teaching in our classroom this Wednesday, September 29th through the next Wednesday, October 6th. I will be traveling with my husband to Boston, MA. This is a business conference for him, and he will be receiving an award! I have never been to Boston, and I look forward to touring the historic sights and bringing back information to share with the students!

Bucket Bucks

Ask your child how bucket bucks can be earned and about our new and exciting program that Mrs. Knutson is starting this year at our school!